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Wait until the moment it feels right and contact our team for the carpet cleaning service. We will be with you in no time and carry out the service by maintaining our high standards and professionalism.

That’s how we always do it. We are a professionally trained team in the Barnes field. People expect good results from us and we make sure that everyone is happy and knows that when they choose us, they have made the right choice.

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Our carpet cleaning service works the same way for every client. We would put in the same effort for you as we do with everyone else. No one gets special treatment, and no one gets less for what they pay for.

If you decide to get the carpet cleaning service, before booking an appointment, we will need to introduce you to the way things work from the start to the finish, you will get all of the necessary details that fall into the SW13 area.

You might find the introduction to be a bit confusing at some points, so asking questions is totally encouraged. We like to be sure that our clients are properly informed and be sure that any incidents are avoided.

“Our sofa used to have a few stains from red wine which we couldn’t remove and we decided to use this company’s sofa cleaning services. The cleaning technicians not only removed the stains, but deep cleaned our sofa and deodorised it. – Bailey”

carpet cleaning services londonWe’re gonna leave you to decide if you want the service or not, and if you do, booking an appointment for it is elementary. When you are don,e it is our turn to make sure that we are going to arrive at your home right on time.

Our team expects from you to be home at the time as well so there can be someone who would let us in. If however no one’s home, we can’t carry out the service, and will have to leave.

You also need to clear the field for us so that there is now time wasted. Move any light furniture from the carpets as well as any fragile objects. If you have pets, take them to a safe space to prevent any panicking during the cleaning up.

When we clean, we do it in a smart way. We make our own cleaning products which are tested and effective. Unlike the commercial products bought from the SW13 market, ours are non-toxic, safe for people’s health and Eco friendly.

Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Services Prices
Landing Carpet / Small Rug Cleaning from £4
Bedroom Carpet from £23
Living Room Carpet from £25
Upholstered Armchair from £18
Two Seater Sofa from £30
Three Seater Sofa from £45
Minimum call out charge £55


Barnes is an area which has more villagey atmosphere and thanks to the Thames it is separated from the rest of the busy and nosy part of South London. You can enjoy a peaceful time and take your children for a walk near the duck pond in the Barnes Green.

You can also visit the Barnes Farmers market which is one of the oldest farmers markets in London. A place which definitely should be on your list with things to see in the Barnes area is the Chiswick House and Gardens. You will be amazed by the architecture of the villa and the breath-taking beauty of the gardens.

If you want to try the authentic taste of an Italian ice-cream, you should stop by Dolce Crema. A restaurant with cosy atmosphere and tasty traditional meals is Riva. Sun Inn is a bar where you can admire the view of the Barnes Green while you enjoy your drink.

“I like your professional cleaning company, because you always manage to make my carpet spotless. I love it that you always go the extra mile for me. The last time you came to clean my carpet, I asked you to apply your SCOTCHGUAR Protector and I guarantee that it really works – Linda”

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