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If you have ever tried washing a carpet, you know that it can be a real pain and not as effective as a professional cleaning. For this reason, it is always beneficial to hire a specialist to take care of the filthy floor coverings.

They are usually well-trained to work in a prompt and efficient manner. Plus, you can be confident that the best possible result will be achieved.

If you are interested in such an outside help, our company has available carpet technicians all over Sydenham. When you choose us, you choose for quality and excellent customer service.

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We have the necessary manpower and specialised equipment to deal with all types of carpet cleaning issues and ensure lasting cleaning results. In addition to this, we are at your disposal also on weekends and bank holidays.

As a cleaning company committed to quality and customer satisfaction, we constantly search for new ways to optimise the work of our cleaning personnel. This includes regular training programs, innovative carpet cleaning techniques and non-toxic cleaning materials.

Our representatives are always aware of the latest cleaning solutions and this enables them to approach all types of carpet cleaning issues with conviction.

“I recommend this company to everyone. They cleaned my carpet several days ago and I am extremely satisfied with the final result. Their technician arrived on time, inspected the condition of the carpet and got to work. Before I know it, every area was cleaned entirely. – Tina”

carpet cleaning services londonFor customers’ peace of mind, we are currently cleaning carpets by the method of hot water extraction, recommended by numerous manufacturers and health agencies. In this method, purified water is injected into the base of the carpet and pushes the trapped pollutants to the surface, from where they can be removed by the means of high-powered cleaning equipment.

It is not by chance that our carpet cleaning is recognised as one of the most competent in Sydenham. Our cleaning methods ensure the best possible result and don’t involve the use of any harmful products. They leave behind no soapy residue and allow up to 95 per cent moisture extraction, which significantly decreases the drying time.

If our cleaning solution seems attractive to you, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We are certain that you will appreciate our reasonable rates and free weekend appointments. You can count on us not only in Sydenham but also in the nearby areas.

Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Services Prices
Landing Carpet / Small Rug Cleaning from £4
Bedroom Carpet from £23
Living Room Carpet from £25
Upholstered Armchair from £18
Two Seater Sofa from £30
Three Seater Sofa from £45
Minimum call out charge £55


Sydenham is a beautiful Victorian suburb located south of Forest Hill and Dulwich, it is part of the London Borough of Lewisham while parts of it extend their territories to Bromley and Sothwark boroughs. To form todays Sydenham two different building were brought up that territory- one of them in Lower Sydenham and the other in today’s Sydenham Wells Park. Some of Sydenham’s parts are associated with medical springs which attracted many visitors and keep on doing so.

Sydenham railway station opened up in 1839 and it initiated the building of houses for the richer part of London. The Crystal Palace was rebuilt in 1854 and slowly but surely the development of Sydenham lead to the improvement of the communications thus turning Sydenham one of the best connected districts in the south. Many new and improved houses were built for the new residents as well as hotels and hostels to host the huge number of tourists in the area.

“Thank you very much for sending your carpet technician yesterday. He really did his best to eliminate the unpleasant stains and the result was great. It was a real pleasure to communicate with such a polite and knowledgeable young man. I will certainly hire him again. – Mitch”

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