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Our SE4 based company is your first option when it comes to carpet care. Brockley is an area which surely does not lack cleaning companies and services, but we pride ourselves on our carpet cleaning service which is highly efficient and affordable, which otherwise can be very difficult to come across.

We utilise only cutting edge cleaning materials and tools which are powerful enough against all forms of bacteria and allergens. In addition to this, we collaborate with the most hard working and qualified carpet cleaning technicians in the area.

Mr. Sparklean Brockley

Our teams are the best in their field and posses all that is necessary to clean even the most pesky stains and kill the stubborn bacteria, making your carpets look like brand new.

They are hard working, they are ambitious and they never stop at nothing, no matter how hard a task may occur to be. Plus, for the peace of your mind, they are trained to the highest professional standards in this industry. They work quickly, yet efficiently.

They use a couple of cleaning tricks to bring any carpet to its former glory. Firstly, they will start off with deep vacuuming the carpets and then they will pre-treat all affected areas with a powerful solution.

“My carpet has multiple colors and I was skeptical about hiring professional help to have it cleaned, but I was fooling myself because employing your carpet cleaning service was definitely the right treatment for it- all stains and spots are gone and for a very reasonable price. – Jane”

carpet cleaning services londonWhen all the grime and dust particles are loosen, the steaming machine comes to the rescue. All impurities and bacteria will be deeply extracted, not only from the top fibres but from the base of your carpet.

We can clean away everything that is hiding in your carpets. There is nothing to worry about, because we are comprehensive enough and will not damage the delicate material of the carpeting.

All our cleaning products and tools are safe, environmentally responsible and toxin-free. The best part is that you do not have to pay anything additionally for these supplies, because we provide them ourselves and are included in the total sum of our carpet cleaning services.

As a company of experienced and hard working individuals, we know how important the cleanliness of your home is. We offer you to start with cleaning your carpets and book our company in Brockley.

Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Services Prices
Landing Carpet / Small Rug Cleaning from £4
Bedroom Carpet from £23
Living Room Carpet from £25
Upholstered Armchair from £18
Two Seater Sofa from £30
Three Seater Sofa from £45
Minimum call out charge £55


Brockley is an area of south England, within the Borough of Lewisham, only a 5 miles south east of Charing Cross. In the past it was a small agricultural hamlet positioned in the area of a big Victorian public house (which today is the place where Brockley Jack Theatre is located).

There are many places of interest in Brockley. In 2000, a stone circle was erected as a project designed by a couple of local artists. There are many places where art can be mastered and exhibited- the Brockley Jack Theatre, the Lewisham Art House and others.

This area definitely does not lack green spaces as well and some of them are even nature reserves. These open spaces include Blythe Hill, Hilly Fields, Brockley and Ladywell Cemeteries. On the top of the hill Prendergast Hilly Fields College takes place and it contains murals of the Neo-Romantic style.

“The fabric of my carpet is very delicate, but nevertheless your technicians were able to cleanse it completely without harming it. The cleaning was carried out three days ago and I just cannot believe the stains on my favorite carpets are gone for good. Excellent cleaning job, guys! – Sofia”

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