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Your carpets play an important role in your home. They are great investment which contributes to the general vision of your home and its elegance and cosiness. With this in mind, deep and professional carpet cleaning not only make your carpet look better, it can also protect your investment for a long period of time.

The professional carpet cleaning services of our company are specially designed to help people maintain their carpets better. We clean to the highest standards, utilising the most advanced and powerful materials and tools. Let us get you rid of all pollutants at just one blow. Our company is based in Edmonton and we are already waiting for you.

Mr. Sparklean Edmonton

We are the only carpet cleaning company in Edmonton that can get you the best possible results you want. We have been around for a considerable amount of years and we have managed to perfect all our methods and strategies.

Thanks to our hard work and dedication, our cleaning sessions are done in a prompt manner, but most importantly- in a efficient manner.

“I first booked your services more than two years ago after I spilled yogurt on the carpet. I was pleasantly surprised to see that you didn’t just tackle this particular stain, but instead you took your time to thoroughly clean every inch of my carpet. Ever since then, I’ve been relying on your services – Lily”

carpet cleaning services londonWhen you already have your appointment with us scheduled, we will come right on time and get down to work immediately. Firstly, we will inspect the condition of your carpets and then apply specialised pre-treatment of any existing stains.

After this, we will inject hot water into the base of the carpet in order all the stubborn dust and grime particles to get loosen and then we will extract them all. In a few simple, yet effective, steps we can make your carpet cleaner than ever.

In case you are interested in booking our carpet cleaning services or you just need more detailed information about us and our cleaning process, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are available seven days of the week and we work with extended hours. You can reach us through a phone call, via email or you wish you can meet us in person in one of our offices in Edmonton. Share with us your needs and preferences and we will provide you with the best carpet cleaning.

Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Services Prices
Landing Carpet / Small Rug Cleaning from £4
Bedroom Carpet from £23
Living Room Carpet from £25
Upholstered Armchair from £18
Two Seater Sofa from £30
Three Seater Sofa from £45
Minimum call out charge £55


Edmonton is located in the London Borough of Einfeld, It is 13.8 kilometers north of Charing Cross and it is a very interesting place. Edmonton is very old. The area dates back as a settlement almost a thousand years ago, and throughout that time, a lot of things have happened.

The first recorded human touch the area has had was by the Romans, who had a road passing through, from that point on, over time, the rest started to develop. During the 20th century, the Edmonton was populated by white working class suburban families and it was an industrial hot spot.

Today Edmonton is a lot more diverse, but sadly is one of the places in the UK where unemployment is highest. The government is however putting efforts into making Edmonton a better place, and with its young and diverse population, things will hopefully go uphill.

“The carpet cleaning services your company offers are out of this world. For me, you’re not cleaners, but magicians, because you managed to make my carpet look as good as it did when I bought it. I can’t believe that you managed to eliminate the three-year-old wine stain on my carpet. I love you guys – Pam”

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